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This morning's Full Moon pulls your attention to emotional needs and domestic matters, dear Aquarius. It's a time for honoring your need for a safe, comfortable, and supportive base.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

If you've been overextending yourself, the challenge is to wind down and take care of the basics. Or if you've been going it alone and making executive decisions, your need for support from loved ones is highlighted now. There can be an epiphany about family or security matters. Time spent with family, at home, or taking care of your personal affairs will benefit you. You can feel that you need to make changes, but letting the dust settle a little before finalizing decisions is probably wise.

A Mars-Jupiter transit also active today boosts your confidence and mood. It's particularly excellent for friendships, studies, and invigorating experiences. Horoscope Overview for November for Aquarius:. There is a continued focus on career, reputation, status, and life direction for you in November, dear Aquarius. Still, there's a growing theme of recreation, personal enjoyment, and friendship.

There can be ups and downs regarding your goals but also definite improvements or at least foreseeable ones. You may need to return to an old project or redo and refine something that you thought was complete as Mercury retrogrades until the 20th. If something's left hanging, aim to focus on productivity in other areas.

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Consider that apparent backtracking can lead to the strengthening of things that were once on shaky ground. Jupiter is on the last leg of its transit of your friendship sector, and Venus joins in, spending the in this social area of your solar chart.

You're likely to feel appreciated and enjoyed this month! People are drawn to your optimism and generosity of spirit. You're in particularly good shape for networking, sharing, and promoting.

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Increased faith in your talents and your value leads to positive developments in November, even if you can feel that you're looking to the past more often than usual. Focusing on handling outstanding or unresolved issues in your life can boost your sense of security, self-worth, and money situation. You're in particularly good shape for reviewing recent business projects, decisions, or ideas around the Thinking about life direction and long-term goals in new ways can be fruitful now, and can also lead to significant new insights or plans.

You can be recycling or reviving old projects and ideas, and while these things haven't yet fleshed out with all the details, you're in great shape for working your magic on them. The Full Moon occurring on the 12th is a fertile one, bringing on a strong need for finding a balance between your attention to your professional life and personal life.

Family matters or personal needs that have been ignored or brushed aside can erupt now for special consideration. You've been very focused on the practical, responsible side of your life, and now you are called to take care of the emotional elements. This theme is reiterated later in November when Mars opposes Uranus.

The desire to break free from restrictive circumstances is strong. Recently buried and building frustrations can surface, but if handled well, they help clear a path for you to start fresh. So fresh and so clean! Dab on a new signature scent—maybe a custom-blended one.

Since Taurus rules the throat, try a top with a new neckline, whether a plunging scoop or a cozy turtleneck. If your digital devices are starting to feel like extra limbs, put them down as much as possible for the day and enjoy some good, old-fashioned analog bonding. Sit down for a face-to-face coffee date instead of texting.

Get barefoot on the mat with an evening yoga class Making things by hand can connect you to your earthy sensuality—and don't underestimate the power of TLC to calm your parasympathetic nervous system.

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Thank you! Aquarius Horoscope. Aquarius Soul Mates The True Nature of Your Soul — knowing how the various influences of your spiritual nature combine together will help you make the most of your emotional and relating skills as well as discover unique abilities that can be awakened. Your Soul Scope report has twelve chapters detailing the truly mystical side of your spiritual nature.